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January 22, 2021

WandaVision, Batwoman and Covid Screen Time Concerns | Living Out Your God-Given Potential Where You Are


Don’t believe the myths that there’s not enough time, that you’ll never run out of time nor that you can buy time

It has been observed that time is the one thing that can never be retrieved – only redeemed by God’s grace

Even God doesn’t go back in time to rewrite history. Yes, He forgives and even forgets but He doesn’t go back and mess with what happened, what we did, who we were. 

Time is a gift of God to each of us today in equal measure. So, what will we make of the time we have and how will we invest our time for God’s glory? 


Next week my friend and colleague Peter Kapsner will be here with you each morning as I’m going to take some time away. 

I’m going to time to rest. I’m going to sleep in, put my feet up, drink coffee with my mom, fold towels, walk in the woods, watch the mist roll across the water, read novels, write things. 

And the moment the voice in my head says, “there’s not time for that!” I’m going to smile and pray and acknowledge God – in whom and through whom there is more than enough and certainly enough time. 


Time is real and time is fleeting. Before you know you’re kids will be grown, the current crisis which seems unending will, in fact, come to an end – and guess what? God’s mercies? They’ll still be new every morning. You can count on it. Like clockwork. 


Today’s Guests

Adam Holz – Plugged In

It’s Friday, that means we have Adam back on to help lead us through the movies, television shows, and other media that has come out since our last conversation. Some of the highlights today are the review of WandaVision on Disney+ and Batwoman on the CW. He also leads us through the Plugged In blog about the Screen Time Supernova that Covid has brought. For more movie reviews and resources on sober media consumption, go to

John Bevere – Author of “X”

“X: Multiplying Your God Given Potential” is a book set on convincing us that EVERYONE is born on purpose and for a purpose. It helps us understand that there is a difference between possessing potential and realizing potential through intentional development. For more information on this book, go to





Today’s Episode


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