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January 29, 2022

The Process of Picking Out an Engagement Ring | Going to the Hardest Places to Make a Difference

Today’s Guests

Adam Holz – Plugged In

We hear a review of the new movie on Disney+, “Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild” as well as a review of a new children’s show on Netflix titled “Ada Twist, Scientist

Mitch Hildebrant – OneChild

Jesus calls us to care for children and not send them away as insignificant. Children are valuable to Him! In many cultures around the world, children are often abused, neglected and discarded. They may be sold for profit into the sex industry or sold as slaves to work in horrible conditions. But Jesus has committed children into our arms of protection.

One in six children in the world lives in extreme poverty. That’s 385 million children who need the kind of help OneChild provides. We can’t take care of all of them but we each take responsibility for one of them.

Today’s Episode


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