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February 1, 2022

What to do When It’s Time for a Brain Dump | Overcoming Extreme Suffering by Developing an Adapter’s Mindset

Today’s Guests

Dr. Linda Mintle – The Dr. Linda Mintle Show

Struggling with overthinking? Coupled with prayer, we can help free our minds from being overwhelmed by keeping a paper near and writing down everything that comes in our minds to do. We can also enter into nature to help calm our worries.

Elijah Stacy – Author of “A Small If”

“A Small If: The Inspiring Story of a 17-Year Old with a Fatal Disease — and a Mission to Cure It” contains thirteen lessons from Elijah Stacy, a seventeen-year-old who suffers from a fatal disease. Elijah’s goal? To help us overcome extreme suffering and, to the best of his abilities, relieve it throughout the world.

Today’s Episode


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