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March 31, 2021

Jesus, Boundaries, and Self-Care | New Biographies of Women of Faith for Kids

Today’s Guests

John Brandon – Forbes Columnist, Digital Media Director for Northwestern Media and Author of “”

After a listener asked for more information from John on boundaries, Carmen just had to have him on again and discuss it. How does the Christian be like Christ in the realm of boundaries? It is hard to know sometimes where self-care begins and boundaries end. John helps clarify some of this for us.

Laura Wickham – Author of “Do Great Things” Biography Series for Kids

These books, designed to be read to 4-5 year olds and read by 6 year olds and beyond are meant to help us explore the lives of Christian women in order to invigorate young children’s hearts and minds about the amazing things God can do through them as they serve Him! For more information on the books, click here.

Today’s Episode


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