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April 2, 2021

Restoring Your Soul in a Fragmented World | Happy Birthday, Bill Arnold!

Thursday of Holy Week…

What would have been the headlines in Jerusalem or Nazareth on this day in history? 

  • Context: Roman occupation and domination = state controlled media so every headline would have been biased against any kind of pro-democracy movement; anything that disrupted the status quo; anything that had even the aroma of revolution

It is notable that Jesus is still making headline news…

Today’s Guests

Ken Baugh – Author of “Unhindered Abundance”

“Unhindered Abundance: Restoring Our Souls in Fragmented  World” is the fruit after the burnout Ken faced in pastoring. He wants Christians to have an abundant life characterized by more love, joy, peace, and hope. His book is meant to help us rewire our brains through the Scriptures as they remind us that we are God’s children and He has given us promises we can rest in.

Bill Arnold – His Birthday & Kindness Initiative

It’s Bill Arnold’s birthday! Carmen asks him questions he’s asking God these days. Questions such as: “Who are you?, “What am I missing?,” and “where do you want to change my mind, my language, my relationships, my use of time, and more?”

Today’s Episode

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