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May 10, 2021

Sexual Abuse Crisis as the Spiritual Warfare of Our Time | Rethinking and Reforming American Healthcare

Today’s Guests

Karen Swallow Prior – SEBTS

Anything that attacks those who bear the image of God is spiritual warfare, so the sexual abuse crisis certainly falls under spiritual warfare. Satan wants to see the church divided and pulled apart, but God wants the church to be cleansed. As we approach this topic we must learn how to become people who are safe for others who have experienced abuse to tell and we must at times take off our rose colored glasses. This topic is hard but necessary and today Karen Swallow Prior and Carmen tackle it further.

Todd Furniss – Author of 60% Solution

“The 60% Solution: Rethinking Healthcare” is by Todd who is the CEO of gTC Group, a private equity firm that also does research in the realm of macroeconomics. The 60% solution is meant to help improve how people access affordable healthcare through tackling 5 big areas: 1) “Poor Use of Primary Care” 2) Inconsistent Accounting and Incompatible IT 3) Hidden Pricing 4) Restricted Health Savings Accounts 5) Hyper-Regulation.  For more information on his work go, click here.

Today’s Episode

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