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May 11, 2021

Biden Attacks Medical Professional’s Conscience Protections | Being Careful of Being Formed by News

Today’s Guests

Dr. Jeff Barrows – Christian Medical & Dental Association

India and Covid are still in the news, yet there are some people in India who likely aren’t counted in the death count: the Dalit people, a people who are lowest in India’s caste system. On a completely different topic, President Biden is reversing Former President Trump’s limits on transgender health treatments, protecting them further from “sex discrimination” within the healthcare system.

Jeffrey Bilbro – Author of “Reading the Times”

“Reading the Times: A Literary and Theological Inquiry into the News” is meant to place the news back where it’s meant to be, under the Light of the World, Jesus Christ. When it is in the proper place, it can help play a role in us loving our neighbors. This work is Jeffrey’s attempt to help readers “take a step back and gain a theological and historical perspective on the nature and very purpose of news.” For more information on this work, click here.

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