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May 13, 2021

What’s Really Behind Zoom Fatigue | Together Seeking Justice

Today’s Guests

John Brandon – Author of & Digital Media Director for Northwestern Media

Peloton tweets and the Twitter world goes mad; Carmen and John discuss the related worldview conversations! Zoom fatigue – it’s real and it may surprise you when you find out it happens. Finally, social media platform, Clubhouse, has made it to the Android platform; let the revolution begin!!

Terence Lester – Author of “When We Stand”

“When We Stand: The Power of Seeking Justice Together” comes from minister, speaker, community activist and founder of Love Beyond Walls, a not-for-profit related to poverty awareness and community mobilization, Terence Lester. In this recent book, he desires that we all play our part in the cause for justice by getting out of our bubbles, making more time, and pursuing something real with the knowledge that we have worth and can make a difference. For more information on Terence and his work, click here.

Today’s Episode


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