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July 28, 2021

The Dangers of Instagram Christianity | Understanding how PTSD Feels So You Can Help Victims

Today’s Guests

John Brandon – Forbes Columnist & Digital Media Director for Northwestern Media

Facebook adds a new Olympics hub to your feed and while we are on the topic of social media, check out John’s post here on Why the Concept of Instagrammable Christianity Doesn’t Work. As Carmen says, “Social media is supposed to be social – use your social media to talk about topics and then actually get together!

Steve West – Chaplain and Author of “The Bronze Scar: Understanding How PTSD Feels”

The Bronze Scar: Understanding How PTSD Feels to Help Victims and Those Who support Them” is meant to do just as the title says, help those who experience PTSD or who support those who help those with it. Many times people who suffer from PTSD can feel crazy when they experience the inability to control actions, memories, anxiety and more. “The Bronze Star is meant to help them feel like they are not alone and help those alongside them.

Today’s Episode


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