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August 11, 2021

Churches Reeling with the Delta Variant | What God Can Help Us Do With That Thing Inside of Us

Today’s Guests

Justin Giboney – The And Campaign

Churches are reeling from the COVID Delta Variant and the CDC vaccination tracker helps give a breakdown of what race or ethnic groups are adopting vaccination the quickest. After digging into vaccine info, Justin and Carmen discuss the moral mandate of justice in this life and the life to come – yeah, listen in to find out more!

Steve Carter – Author of “The Thing Beneath the Thing”

The Thing Beneath the Thing: What’s Hidden Inside (and What God Helps Us Do About It)” is meant to help readers tackle a variety of wounds that hinder them from the freedom Christ gives every believer. Steve helps readers acknowledge our 1) Triggers 2) Hideouts 3) Insecurities 4) Narratives and 5) Grace

Today’s Episode


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