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August 31, 2021

Latest Covid-19 News and the Dangers with the Milk Crate Challenge | When Dreams are Shattered and Life Falls Apart

Today’s Guests

Dr. Bret Nicks – Christian Medical & Dental Association

Dr. Nicks gives us some Covid updates including the recent ACOG/CDC approval for Covid vaccines during pregnancy. In other health news, a social media trend is leading to various injuries. What’s this trend called? The “Milk Crate Challenge.”

Frank Viola – Author of “Hang On, Let Go”

“Hang On, Let Go: What to Do When Your Dreams Are Shattered and Life is Falling Apart” comes from first hand experiences of adversities in Frank’s life. During those dark days, the Lord, friends, and other writers ministered to him, and through those insights he is able to help others during their dark times. This book is meant to help you or others get through a storm and have hope.

Today’s Episode


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