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September 1, 2021

Labor Day and What the Bible Says About Our Work | Letting Playfulness Lift and Renew Your Spirit

Today’s Guests

Bill English – Bible and Business

Bill helps us think through labor day and a theology of work. Carmen asks him if work is part of God’s intrinsically good plan in Creation OR is work on more bad result of the fall? Bill also answers the question, “Does it matter what kind of work we do and does it matter HOW we work at the work before us?

Courtney Ellis – Author of “Happy Now”

Happy Now: Let Playfulness Lift your Load and Renew Your Spirit”  is meant to remind us to “engage in whimsy not because life is easy, but because life is difficult.” Thus, Courtney gives us the reader and describes to them ten invitations to play. Let’s take her up on the offer and renew our spirit.

Today’s Episode


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