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September 8, 2021

Rethinking the 5-Day Work Week | 9/11 Twin Tower Survivor Recalls the Events That Lead her to Jesus

Today’s Guests

John Brandon – Forbes Columnist and Digital Media Director for Northwestern Media

John continues to help us think through “The Seven Minute Productivity Solution: How to manage our schedule, overcome distraction, and achieve the results we want.” He also leads us through rethinking the 5-Day work week and helps us answer the question of what we are searching for in this work week.

Leslie Haskin – 9/11 Survivor

Leslie survived the 9/11 terrorist attack and, in fact, was several floors above the plane that entered tower 1 of the World Trade Center. She describes to us her experience there, the fallout after the attack, the “we” in all of her stories, and how Christ revealed Himself to her through her son.

Today’s Episode


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