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September 8, 2021

Texas Heartbeat Law and the Future of the Pro-Life Movement | Being a Force for Life in a Culture of Suicide

Today’s Guests

Mark Caleb Smith – Cedarville University

Texas heartbeat law is in the conversation once again and Mark Caleb informs us of where we are TODAY in terms of the battle in the courts and WHAT are the arguments being made against the implementation and enforcement of the law that went into effect a week ago.

Matthew Sleeth – Author of “Hope Always”

“Hope Always: How to Be a Force for Life in a Culture of Suicide” is a book meant to save lives. Suicide is a major public health concern and ought to be a concern for Christians; we have a pro-life ethic and that continues from conception to natural death. Matthew helps Christians engage in the conversation about the spiritual and emotional battles that individuals face and gives practical tools to help when one is thinking about suicide.

Today’s Episode

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