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March 26, 2020

Praying now | Tom Brady’s religion | The need for sacrifice in our nation today | Jamie Sumner on Eat, Sleep, Save the World

Carmen leads off with prayers for those affected in unusual ways by the coronavirus quarantines and hospital restrictions.

Peter Kapsner joins Carmen for conversations about Tom Brady’s religion (which is football) and the need for real sacrifice in the nation today. Here’s the question, would you be willing to suffer some loss now for someone else to have a more positive future? If so, how much? For how long? To the point of life itself? Read Romans 5:7-10 as part of your thinking about this topic.

In the second half, Carmen welcomes author Jamie Sumner, special needs mom, for a discussion of her newest book, Eat, Sleep, Save the World. Carmen and Jamie talk candidly about life – real life – with real kids who have special needs. Nothing glamorous but oh so good.


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