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March 23, 2020

#PraytheNews | Rupert Schortt on Outgrowing Dawkins | Around the world in the midst of COVID19

Recognizing that the world continues to rotate on its axis and things other than the Coronavirus present challenges to people all over the world, Carmen offers a grim update on the locust swarms literally eating their way across Eastern Africa. The crops in entire nations have been decimated and the U.N. puts the number of people at risk of famine at 25 million. #PraytheNews

Carmen welcomes Rupert Schortt to the program to discuss his book, Outgrowing Dawkins: God for Grownups written in response to the Richard Dawkins’ book, Outgrowing God: a beginners guide to atheism. Schortt demonstrates the weaknesses of Dawkin’s crude caricatures of the Christian faith by walking through theological, philosophical, textual, historical and scientific flaws in Dawkins’ arguments.

In the second half, Carmen laments that Dr. David Aikman is not answering – and prays for him on air before continuing to cover the news the two had agreed to discuss together. Headlines from Europe, Russia, China and Iran.

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