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August 1, 2019

Purity v culture | Ideal Presidential Candidate | answering Religious Liberty haters

What is purity and why does it matter? Joshua Harris has now kissed Jesus goodbye and along with his faith, Harris is abandoning his marriage. This is the same Joshua Harris who once Kissed Dating Goodbye and led many others to do the same in pursuit of sexual purity. Peter Kapsner and Carmen discuss the calling – and challenge – of redeemed marriages in today’s sex saturated culture. Carmen reminds us of a recent conversation she had with Sue Cyre about her book, From Genesis to Revelation God Takes a Bride. You can listen to that conversation here.


Bruce Ashford returns to discuss his recent piece on titled The Ideal Presidential Candidate and then in a conversation about religious liberty he makes Carmen look up “societal pluriformity” (and yes, its really a thing).



If you missed prior conversations Carmen has had with Bruce Ashford, here’s one:

Seminary prof on Socialism as a false religion


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