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September 18, 2019

Quantifying the value of prayer | Christian friendship | Compromise as Christian duty

Carmen’s lead off commentary considers recent research which seeks to put a literal price tag on prayer.  Carmen challenges us to consider the value of life, the value of liberty and the value of prayer. Penny for your thoughts? What about a $1.64 for your prayers? How much would it take for you stop praying?  What did Jesus pay to give you access to the very throne room of God?  Can the value of prayer ever really be measured?

Bryan Baise and Tyler Flatt return to continue the conversation about Christian friendship. (Carmen’s prior conversations with Bryan and Tyler can be found here.)

Hunter Baker returns to discuss the topic of compromise. Many Christians consider compromise a dirty word. And while it’s certainly true there are many things Christians cannot compromise, when it comes to political engagement and civil discourse, compromise is the Christian’s duty. (Hunter Baker is a regular guest. You can hear his prior conversations with Carmen here.)



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