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January 9, 2017

The Reconnect 1-9-17 | Helping right where you are | Interview with Heather Avis

Birga Alden guest hosts. In our first half, Birga interviews Kirk Vander Molen, Director of Missional Integrity for Love INC about what it serving those in need, right where you are. 

In our second half, new author and adoptive mother of three children- two with Down Syndrome – Heather Avis joins us. She is “flipping the script on the cultural narrative” in regards to the value of a special needs life. As an adoptive mother of children with special needs, Heather provides some insight on how we can fully coming alongside adoptive parents and parents of special needs children.


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Founded in 1977, Love INC brings churches together in individual U.S. communities to help people in need with responses ranging from basics such as food and clothing, to surrounding individuals and families in need with holistic support through long-term, caring relationships.

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