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October 6, 2017

The Reconnect 10-6-17 | Keep praying for Vegas | Scott Sauls: From weakness to strength

Reminder: This weekend marks the one year anniversary of Pastor Andrew Brunson’s wrongful arrest and detention in Turkey. Here’s how you can pray and help. Read more.

Trauma changes us, individually and corporately. Chris Marlin, pastor of Grace City Vegas, shares with us how he has seen the tragic shooting change the city. He councils all believers about how to entire into conversation, lovingly and without agenda, with those grieving such a horrible tragedy. 

Throughout it all, be encouraged that prayer matters. Prayer itself is not powerful, but the God to whom we pray is.

We tend to glorify leaders who portray strength and skill and power. But what if our weaknesses are actually part of what makes us strong? Our guest today, Pastor Scott Sauls joins us to discuss why he wrote a leadership book which challenges our definition of “leader.” We can be freed up to be more whole and devoted leaders for God’s glory and not ours.


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