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November 15, 2017

On white evangelicalism | How to have defiant joy, with “Chewbacca mom” Candace Payne

Today, we dive into an ongoing conversation about “white evangelicalism.” For those of us who are white, we don’t often realize how much our culture shapes our faith expression. And as a result, non-white evangelicals have not felt at home within our predominantly white evangelicalism. How do we positively respond to what is being called the “reverse exodus”? Here are a few articles to read on this topic:

We then look at some other news headlines of the week. Yesterday’s shooting in California is an all-too familiar story line. A man who was known to be unstable and angry lashed out violently taking lives.

There are a million things that can steal our joy on a daily basis. Candace Payne is most well known for the hilarious, viral video as the “Chewbacca mom.” But today she gives us more insight into her own life and what it looks like to have a deep well of joy and to cultivate a kind of strong, defiant joy in each of our lives.

Her book is: Laugh It Up!: Embrace Freedom and Experience Defiant Joy

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