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November 7, 2016

The Reconnect 11-7-16 | A civil conversation about politics and religion | What is it like to pastor in the politically-charged Washington, DC?

A Presbyterian minister, a Republican governor and a former Obama White House staffer walk onto a stage for a political debate moderated by a member of the media. Why? To demonstrate what civil partisan political discourse looks like when the goal is honoring Jesus and not elevating self or demonizing the other. We talk with Samantha Fischer, journalist and moderator of the event.

Then, Mike Kelsey is a third-generation pastor, serving in Washington, DC. What does it look like for a church to minister in a politically-charged metro during- and after- this election? Congregants of the church are not just interested in politics, but actually working at the highest levels of both political parties.


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Civil conversation about politics and religion? This is what it looks like

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