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November 9, 2017

The Reconnect 11-9-17 | Social media changes us | How we can all help adoptive families

The psychology of social media: Let’s talk for a moment about why you click what you click and how Facebook is making money by making you less actually human (socially speaking) – doing it knowingly and on purpose. One of the original creators of Facebook, Sean Parker, spoke out on some the unintended, and intended, consequences of the social network. To know that social media is exploitative, does it matter to you or change how you view it?

Listen to our interview with Tony Reinke on how our phones are changing us.

Our guest today is Staci Thomas, Family Program Director for Chosen, an organization which supports and trains adoptive and foster care families to provide safe and permanent homes for children who need them. There are many things we each can do to help families flourish through adoption and foster care. Even if you are not called to foster or adopt, you can become a respite care provider to give help relieve parents when needed. Listen to find out  more ways to get involved. (Update to this interview: After our conversation the House restored the Adoption Tax Credit into the tax reform bill).

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