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March 23, 2017

The Reconnect 3-22-17 | George Barna researches Biblical worldview | Evangelism in this generation

How many Americans actually hold Biblical worldview and what does that mean? It is more than head knowledge. George Barna unpacks both the beliefs and behaviors that make up”the integrated disciple measure” he is studying. For the first time, research is looking at not just stated beliefs, but expands worldview to include integrating beliefs with behavior seeking to be like Christ in everything “we think, say and do.”

When we think of evangelism many of us are still operating out of models developed for what the world was like 100 years ago. How has the complexity of evangelism changed in the 21st century? We talk with Dr. Jay Moon, professor at Asbury Seminary about how he teaches evangelism in preparing his students for ministry, why it is the job of every Christian and how we practically do it for today’s generation.

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