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March 29, 2017

The Reconnect 3-29-17 | Drones, coal, Brexit | Conversation with Pure Flix Digital CEO

A recent drone strike in Mosul killed 200 civilians. Drones have changed how we engage in war. What does it mean from a Christian worldview for targets to be virtually unknown and only reliably identified after the fact?

Other news: President Trump makes good on his promise to repeal the Obama Administration’s “war on coal” policies. While there is muted excitement given all the factors at play, the deeper issue at stake indicates a desire for dignity in work.  Great Britain has taken the next step toward leaving the European Union. The two producers who released footage of Planned Parenthood discussing the sale of aborted baby parts have been charged with 15 felonies in California.

Q & A with Franklin Graham on Facing Darkness movie: “What God can do in the middle of a storm”

Pure Flix is a lead creator of faith and family films and entertainment. Now, they have entered the streaming market with original and other on demand content directly to viewers. Pure Flix Digital CEO Greg Gudorf shares with us how Christian entertainment is influencing the culture.

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