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April 12, 2017

The Reconnect 4-12-17 | Surveying the headlines | Robby Gallaty: Understanding the “Jewishness of Jesus”

White House Press Secretary takes the heat off United Airlines for a moment with a gaffe on The Holocaust. The San Bernadino gunman had a history of domestic abuse. The Alabama Governor resigns in disgrace. And we follow up on the story about schools’ shaming children over school lunch debt. (It’s a good update!)

You have to know the Old Testament to really understand Jesus and what He has done for us. Robby Gallaty is Senior Pastor of Long Hollow Baptist Church since 2015. He is the author of The Forgotten Jesus: How Western Christians Should Follow an Eastern Rabbi. Robby joins us to discuss why it is absolutely critical for Christians in our context to understand the “Jewishness of Jesus.”

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