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April 17, 2017

The Reconnect 4-17-17 | Dr. Jeremiah Johnston on having a thinking faith

We take a moment to survey the news. Arkansas debates the death penalty. A man in Cleveland, OH, committed murder and live streamed it. He is still at-large. Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin declares the year of the Bible. President Trump signs law allow states to withhold funds from agencies that perform abortions.

What questions do you struggle with your faith? Dr. Jeremiah Johnston is the president of the Christian Thinkers Society, an organization with the mission “to teach Christians to become Thinkers and Thinkers to Become Christians.” He has looked at the most pressing questions people are asking about real life, pain, and suffering and encourages the Church to talk openly about them. The promises of God are present for us today.

The last person born in the 1800s has died.

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