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April 20, 2017

The Reconnect 4-20-17 | College Day | CNN breaking news editor Leigh Munsil runs down the headlines

Today is “College Day” on The Reconnect. A trend is emerging on college campuses in the United States where tolerance means free speech and ideas are only welcome if they agree with them. We take a tour of some recent examples at colleges: Wellesley seeks to regulate even private speech; visiting professor Charles Murray was prevented from speaking and attacked by a mob as he tried to flee Middlebury CollegeUCLA arbitrarily limits student enrollment in a free speech course.

This is not only a matter of money invested in education, it is also a matter of culture, environment, who your kids will be with, what they will be exposed to and what they’ll be able to do with their degree once they graduate.

What is “breaking news”? How does it get decided what is delivered to us as breaking news? We talk with someone who actually makes these decisions in real time: CNN Breaking News Editor Leigh Munsil.


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