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April 26, 2017

The Reconnect 4-26-17 | Overview on gender | Carter Conlon of Times Square Church

Our culture declares gender should be both not important and of utmost importance, becoming both “genderless” and also gender-obsessed. This is a conversation about identity. We run down some of the complications of this conversation, particularly when it comes to female athletics and Title IX. Should a man who is transitioning to a woman be allowed to compete against other women? Or what about a girl who is taking testosterone to transition to a boy? Here are some other complications:

In our second half, we talk about revival. I hear many Christians hoping for a revival in America. They imagine that God’s Spirit would simply sweep across the landscape like some kind of smelling salts, bringing people to their senses. The scales would miraculously fall from hundreds of millions of eyes, faith would spring forth and everything would get better because everyone would suddenly be Christian. But many of the people hoping for revival are not actually praying for it to happen.

A long-time student of revival, Pastor Carter Conlon, pastor of Times Square Church calls the Church at large to seek revival through prayer. Times Square Church is an interdenominational church with thousands in attendance, representing more than 100 different nationalities.

You can participate in their Tuesday night prayer meetings through

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