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April 29, 2017

The Reconnect 4-28-17 | Hope & healing for sexual assault victims with Justin Holcomb

April is Sexual Assualt Awareness Month. We continue our discussion on this topic with author, professor, and Episcopal priest Justin Holcomb. Sexual assault knows no religious, socioeconomic or racial boundaries. The conservative numbers are one out of four women and one out of seven people have been sexually assaulted in the United States. The numbers are worse globally. Justin, who is himself a victim of assault, gives us practical advice on how each of us can be part of hope and healing for those who have experienced abuse and how to help protect our children.

Are Christians to blame for our post-truth society? In our second half, we talk with Molly Worthen, Assistant Professor of History at UNC Chapel Hill. She wrote “The Evangelical Roots of our Post-Truth Society.” We have spoken extensively about why we are the people of truth, as the people who follow the Truth. So as Truth-people, we this article caught our eye! We talk with Molly about her piece and why Christians should never be afraid of the truth.


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