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May 16, 2017

The Reconnect 5-16-17 | Moments of truth | How God uses our skills to build His Kingdom in unlikely places

We all have moments of truth in our lives. Literal moments when we have to choose how to respond, what to say, and in so choosing, we choose who to be.  

  • The big headline news today flows from a meeting between President Trump and Russian officials where he shared some counterterrorism information. While we don’t know all the information, there are real efforts to erode trust in the President by those who want to see him impeached. And there is an effort by the White House to erode trust in the media. 
  • On the 24th, the President will meet with the Pope. The Pope responded to questions in anticipation of the meeting in a way that is an example to us all. If you have a chance to walk and talk with someone, do it. Regardless if you agree with them or not. 
  • There are times when our prayers are answered and healing comes and other times, that is not how God answers. Ravi Zacharias addressed this on a very personal level in relation to a member of their ministry team.

Franklin Woodland built successful businesses in the US but felt God pushing him to use his professional skills to build His Kingdom, specifically to serve a Muslim community. God took him to Karachi, Pakistan, the 7th largest city in the world. It has 20 million people and access to clean water is difficult. He now runs Water for Thirty Thousand. He joins us today to share how his work to provide clean water, support human flourishing, and conduct business cross-culturally is spreading the goodness and beauty of the gospel.

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