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May 2, 2017

The Reconnect 5-2-17 | Authority, credibility, the Internet and sheeple | George Barna on health of society

“Who’s in charge of the Christian Blogosphere?” asks Christianity Today Women. With the advent of the Internet and bloggers, traditional indicators of trustworthiness and credibility are no longer necessary to have a voice or following. We need a level of discernment against false teaching when you’re reading or listening to anyone about anything. Relatedly, “sheeple” is now officially a word. Christians, who are you following? Is it the Good Shepherd or someone else?

Bill O’Reilly and the controversy surrounding his ouster presents another good example as to the failure of people to see the difference between conservative media and distinctively Christian media.

Then, our monthly contributing guest George Barna joins us to discuss his latest research on the health of American society. Conservative or liberal, people pretty much agree things aren’t going well. But, can we find common ground to make things better?

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