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May 4, 2017

The Reconnect 5-4-17 | Domestic abuse survivor marries her rescuer | Middle East peace process with Philos Project

Melissa Dohme Hill’s incredible story has been covered by CNN, Good Morning America, FOX and many more. She was brutally attacked by an ex, and in a story that can only be described as redemptive, she is now married to one of the first responders who rescued her after the attack. Melissa shares her story with us and how God is using her to help others.

Today, Melissa works for a Hands Across the Bay in Tampa Bay, FL, as a Domestic Violence Prevention Advocate & Speaker.

This week Hamas released a new charter, which for the first time in decades does away with its demand to eliminate the nation of Israel. Could peace be possible in the Middle East? Every modern president has tried, none have succeeded. Robert Nicholson, head of the Philos Project, updates us on this process and the recent meeting between Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas and President Trump. 

Then, turning to some of the big news of the day: President Trump signed a religious liberty executive order. But many religious liberty advocates are not impressed. It does not deal with major concerns on marriage while “loosening” the Johnson Amendment, which prevents churches from engaging in political activity while holding tax-exempt status. We share some of our concerns with the EO.

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