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June 2, 2017

Paris agreement, climate change, and future redemption | Go on an adventure, with author Roger W Thompson

President Trump announced today the US will no longer participate in international climate change agreement, the Paris Accord. The climate has been changing since the first days of Creation. Things are not today like they were in the Beginning. Imagine the air and water quality in the Garden of Eden. We live a long way from Eden because we’ve been living a long time in the garden of sin. But if you’ve read the Bible to the end you know that God’s redemptive plan includes the Creation itself.

Do you long for adventure? Are you drawn to the wild places? Whether that describes you or someone you know, we have the perfect interview to get you ready for summer. Roger Thompson is an entrepreneur, author, and adventurer. He has written a book to help you find the higher calling in adventure. We Stood Upon Stars: Finding God in Lost Places is a travel book as much about those we travel with.

God is drawing us to discover the much bigger sense of who He is. -Roger W Thompson


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