The Reconnect 7-13-17 | Dawson McAllister on 50 years of youth ministry | Eugene Peterson | Having a right view of work

Dawson McAllister has been doing youth ministry for fifty years. He joins us today to talk about The Hope Line, an off-air coaching line where counselors provide emotional and spiritual triage for 13- to 29-year-old’s who are struggling with everything from addiction to despair. Dawson shares some of the wisdom he has gleaned over the years through ministering to teens and young adults and offers some incredible stories of redemption.

In our second half, we look at some important news in the Christian world: renowned teacher and author Eugene Peterson went on the record in a way that seemed to affirm gay marriage. Then, just today, he released a retraction and affirmation of biblical marriage.

Additionally, did you know 47% of jobs COULD be automated in next decade? That is a staggering projection. This huge transition is going to decimate many in our current society where worth and identity is intertwined with vocation. Christians can respond by showing work as meaningful, but not our source of meaning.

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