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July 14, 2017

The Reconnect 7-14-17 | Headlines and hearts | Biblical literacy for kids with Bekah Stoneking

As news reporting continues to unwrap the layers surrounding Donald Trump Jr.’s correspondence with Russian entities, it is good for us to remember that no matter how many layers of cover-up are on our mistakes, the truth will come to light. And as people of truth, we have to tell the truth, the whole truth no matter what, and yes, we will need God’s help to do it.

In other national news, Congress continues efforts to repeal and replace Obamacare, but that is not on the minds of those around the country, or world, overwhelmed with local headlines. From a sinkhole that swallowed an entire home in Florida to flash flooding in various states, to the anniversary of the Bastille Day terrorist attack in France and to the parents of Charlie Guard in England, all news is personal and intimate to someone – and we absorb it in the context of our daily lives. No matter what you are facing today, Jesus is our firm foundation.

Bekah Stoneking is the editor at Lifeway for their Explore the Bible: Kids team, a new curriculum designed to help kids stay engaged with God’s Word. She joined Carmen for a conversation about developing biblical literacy in our kids. Even for parents who are new to the faith or feel biblically illiterate themselves, we are not in this alone!

Is Biblical Literacy important to Kids?

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