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August 16, 2017

The Reconnect 8-16-17 | What I wish the President had said | Robert P Jones on America’s cultural realignment and Charlottesville

The churn of the last few days has been intense and it continues today.

Charlottesville is now Durham and Baltimore and New York City and LA. The coming out of the neo-nazi and white nationalism in protest over the scheduled removal of a statue of Robert E. Lee from a park in Charlottesville, Virginia uncorked what is proving to be a hot cauldron of hate in this country.

Words matter. Messaging matters. Consistency matters. Leadership matters. That’s why the President’s reversals from comments Saturday to Monday to yesterday are working against the goal of unifying the nation.  Today, I share what I would have said if I was President.

Our guest today is Dr. Robby Jones, CEO of the Public Religion Research Institute. In his book, published last year but prescient to our current context, he describes the demographics related to what he calls “the end of white Christian America.” The very real demographic shifts taking place in the nation are part of what we need to understand in order to give up the expectation of going back to some other time. His book is: The End of White Christian America.

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