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September 7, 2017

The Reconnect 9-7-17 | Irma threat grows | Cultivating peace in a busy world, with David Henderson

Irma’s U.S. threat grows, per Weather Channel: “Irma is increasingly likely to target parts of the Florida peninsula as a dangerous hurricane this weekend.”

“Parts of Georgia and the Carolinas could then be struck by Irma early next week.”

Most Florida flood zone property not insured, per AP: “In just five years, the state’s total number of federal flood insurance policies has fallen by 15 percent.”

In the midst of the storms of life and just life’s general busyness, how do we experience the Peace which passes all understanding. How do we live in tranquility in the midst of chaos? My friend, David Henderson is Senior Pastor of Covenant Church and joins us to discuss this very important question. He is the author of Tranquility: Cultivating a Quiet Soul in a Busy WorldHe writes in his book about the difference between busyness and calling :

“There really are only two ways to view our time. We can follow the culture into a driven life, in which we view our time as our own, to meet our own needs. Or we can follow Christ into a called life, in which we yield up our time, giving it back to its rightful owner, and then allow him to lead us into the life he has already designed for us.”


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