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September 8, 2017

The Reconnect 9-8-17 | The state of American Values | How the church can minister to brokenness

The Public Religion Research Institute has released an extensive new interactive tool of the American cultural landscape called the American Values Atlas. The study reveals trends in American attitudes and values, by demographic. Dr. Dan Cox is Research Director at Public Religion Research Institute and joins us today to understand the changing demographics of Americans and the decline of white Protestant Christianity.

Garry Ingram is passionate about helping Christian leaders in the very essential areas relating broadly to issues of sexual and relational brokenness. For many years, even generations, he sees how the Church has ignored sexuality and failed to speak truth on God’s good design on these matters. As someone who has homosexuality in his history, he speaks to these topics with conviction and compassion.┬áHe is the Founder and Director of Love and Truth Network, a ministry that equips Christian leaders.

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