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Reconnect One: Allegiance, God and country

July 5, 2017

Reconnect One, with Carmen LaBerge:

Perhaps more than any other day, July 4th is a day we express our love for country.

Love is good – people love their families, their sports teams, their alma mater, their home and yes, their homeland. All of these loves can be appropriate. But as we all know, taken to an extreme, any or all of them can also become inappropriate.

In making us for himself, God didn’t mean to eradicate all other loves. Instead he wants our affection for other things to be in right proportion to our ultimate Love for Him.

So, love of and allegiance to God and country are not inherently incompatible – but our ultimate loyalty is to Christ and his Kingdom, never any of the kingdoms of this world – including the nation in which we now reside.

Let’s remember our true citizenship is in heaven where we look forward to gathering together with fellow believers from every tribe under heaven, even as we celebrate the birth of our nation.

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