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Reconnect One: You never know how God will use your presence

July 7, 2017

Reconnect One, with Carmen LaBerge:

In June, when Republicans gathered to practice for the annual Congressional baseball game they could not have known how important the presence of one man was to their survival. Tragically, Congressman Steve Scalise was shot, but had he not been there, the outcome would have almost certainly been  worse.

The Capitol Police who took down the shooter were only there because of that one man. Scalise is the party Whip, a position of leadership that comes with a protective detail.

Had the Whip not been on the team, the protective detail would not have been at practice that morning and no one would have returning fire.

You never know how and when God may use your presence at a particular moment to change the course of history. I’m thankful the Whip was on the field that day, thankful he survived and that because of him, so too many others.

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