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Reconnect One: One Body, One Church

July 11, 2017


Reconnect One, with Carmen LaBerge

There’s no such thing as an American church. Or an Egyptian church. Or a persecuted church. 

The Bible describes the Church as the very Body of Christ.  We are called together the family of faith, the household of God. We are one.

And when one part suffers, all suffer.

So when we hear about Christians half way round the world attacked for their belief in Jesus Christ— do we hear this as violence carried out against the members of our very own family? We should

Persecuted Christians are our actual brothers and sisters.

This means I have more in common with the Coptic Christians in Egypt than I do a white, middle-class American non-believer.

The body of Christ is either the household of God globally or it is not the household of God at all.

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