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The Reconnector, Vol. 2: Conversation starters, resource pages and spotlight on parenting

September 11, 2017

We talk with people, to people, about people and over people. From social media to 24/7 news, we live in a noisy world. Where do Christ followers fit in this picture, and how do we make a difference?

The Reconnector is a resource for YOU—to equip and inform you to speak into conversations with the Truth in ways that glorify God. Every story, every photo, every conversation starter is meant for YOU to use in daily interactions: in the grocery store, during your commute, at home during mealtimes, at the office, at church. Anywhere you are, we hope you will remember to put God back in His place, where He belongs, right in the middle of every conversation. Join us in the pursuit of Truth and refreshing conversations!

In this volume, find new conversation starters to help you bring Truth into the conversations about marriage and beauty. We have a spotlight section on parenting with key interviews from the show. Download the FREE digital copy here: The Reconnector, Vol 2.

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