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May 20, 2020

Remember me? | God, Guns and America | Locusts, Covid and the famine to come

Carmen’s opening commentary: How will you be remembered when you die? 

As I shared with you yesterday during the broadcast, our brother in Christ and colleague in ministry, Ravi Zacharias, died yesterday at his home in Atlanta following a brief but intensive fight against an aggressive form of cancer. He was 74 years old. 

Today he is born again to a living hope and his life is no longer measured in years but by eternity. 

Yesterday he died, and yet he lives. How can that be? He lives now because he lived this life in, by, through and for the only Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. 

CNN, Fox, and every other major news reporting outlet paused to take note of his death – and more importantly – his life. 

I want to read just one tribute this morning – there are literally thousands posted online and likely tens of thousands to come. I want to share one specifically this morning from the White House press secretary, Kayleigh McEnany: 

How will you be remembered when you die? 

While very few people will have the kind of experiences Ravi had, all of us have everything we need to be ambassadors of the same Kingdom, agents of the same grace and ministers of the same Gospel for which he lived, in which he died and in which he now lives again in glory. Death is an inescapable reality on this Witness Wednesday let me assure you of the Good News of the Gospel: God is great and God is good. God is personal and God whole Creative design was to dwell with us. 

The arc of redemptive history is bent by grace where God’s perfect holiness and complete love kiss at that Cross of Jesus, the Christ.

Carmen talks in the episode with author Michael Austin about his book, God & Guns in America.

Then she discusses realities on the ground around the world with Mission Network News representative, Ruth Kramer.


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