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Conversations with Carmen: The Early Morning Late Show with Bill Arnold

Carmen joined Bill Arnold on The Early Morning Late Show to highlight the testimony of two Christians in the spotlight this week. First, consider and give thanks for the life and ministry of Billy Graham who passed away this week. His ministry did not begin under large tents in front of big crowds, but in […]

Conversation Tool: Evil Exists

Start the conversation The Connecting Point: The recent school shooting in Parkland, Florida is causing many people to reevaluate their understanding of evil. Many are seeing that evil is real, and evil has real consequences for real people.   The Disconnect: For those who operate out of a relativistic worldview with no moral absolutes, evil […]

Reconnect One: Sappy Christians

Do you want to be known as a sappy Christian? I do. I’m not talking about the type of sappy that gets excessively sentimental or emotionally manipulated. The type of sappy I do want contains a lot of that which courses up through the True Vine and out of my life into the world. Late […]

Reconnect One: Valentine’s Day

On this Valentine’s Day our witness to the world is that love is real, God is love and therefore, love is actually all you need. Today is a good day to remind ourselves of the various kinds of love revealed in the Bible. God’s love is agape, self-sacrificial, I Corinthians 15, enduring love. But there […]

Carmen on Viewpoint with Chuck Crismier

Carmen joined Chuck Crismier on Viewpoint from Save America Ministries to talk about her book Speak the Truth: How to bring God back into every conversation and how to accomplish that in America today. Listen to the interview here. Are we living out a synthetic faith, found in form only, or are we truly living by faith? […]

Conversations with Carmen: The Early Morning Late Show with Bill Arnold

Carmen joined Bill Arnold on The Early Morning Late Show on Faith Radio Network to discuss recent examples of the God-honoring use of large platforms. First up, the President offered no confusion at the National Prayer Breakfast that his is a supernatural worldview that acknowledges God’s hand in our country and throughout the world. Then, […]

Reconnect One: Doomsday Clock

Some days it just feels like the world is teetering dangerously close to disaster. Did you know there’s actually a doomsday clock? It was created during the Cold War when we developed the ability to destroy all of humanity with nuclear weapons. The doomsday clock continues to serve as a kind of measurement of global […]

Reconnect One: Doers

James 1:22 says we should not only be hearers of the Word, but doers of it. Listening to Christian programming is one way we renew our minds with the Truth. We hear His Word. But what comes next? Think about being a doer of God’s Word in the context of specific passages: When the Psalmist […]

Conversations with Carmen: Featuring Mark Labberton

Carmen speaks with Mark Labberton, editor of Still Evangelical? Insiders Reconsider Political, Social and Theological Meaning Mark Labberton is President of Fuller Theological Seminary and author of many books. His latest project was editing a compilation of essays about what it means to be an evangelical in the post-2016 presidential election world. The collection of […]

Reconnect One: Game On

I remember when college football wrapped up on January 1. But now the process is extended into the second week of the new year. It is now officially a bowl season. Many conversations could be had about priorities and idolatry. But any time we’re talking about college, we should be talking about higher education which, […]

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