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October 24, 2019

Romans 12 Life Together | Ben Johnson on education and euthanasia | Daryl Crouch on overcoming Evangelical tribalism

Carmen’s opening commentary is an appeal to read and live into Romans 12.

Ben Johnson from joins Carmen to discuss the Chicago teachers strike and the status of public education in America. They agree reform is needed and identify places and spaces where churches and Christians can engage. Carmen and Ben also discuss the slippery slope of euthanasia as people begin taking their own lives – and the lives of others – through pro-death laws.

Pastor Daryl Crouch stops by for a conversation with Carmen about his blog post, Antidote for Evangelical Tribalism. They discuss the cost of factionalism and how we can better honor one another when we disagree on second tier issues. They also discuss the reality that we have a common Enemy and its not each other.




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