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September 30, 2020

Satirizing satire and missing the joke | Economic realities for Americans 6 months into COVID | Michelle Sloan on Extraordinary Women of the Bible

The USAToday posted an article fact-checking a Babylon Bee satire which claimed a California court had overturned Ruth Bader’s Ginsburg’s death. If, (as Carmen supposes) the USA Today was actually satirizing the satirical site, then it was a joke almost no one got. If it wasn’t a joke, then the joke is on the USAToday. So, why mention it? Because the conversation could be elevated to include inquiry into the veracity of claims that Jesus not only died but that death itself was overruled by God in Jesus’ bodily resurrection.  The last laugh has not actually yet been heard.

Carmen talks in this episode with Bill English about the economic realities American households are facing at the 6 month mark in the Covid 19 pandemic. They also also discuss what you and your church can do in response.

In the second half, Carmen is joined by Scottish children’s author Michelle Sloan about her new book, Extraordinary Women of the Bible. The backstory is beautiful and reminds us all to enter into the Bible with the expectations of a child.

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