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April 7, 2020

Signs of Spiritual Awakening | Mark Vroegop on rediscovering lament | George Barna on America’s real worldview

Are we ready for all the people God is now drawing to himself in the midst of these days? 

We have been praying for revival and I have asked openly what that would like when it started to happen. How would we know that people were turning to God?

Carmen talks with pastor Mark Vroegop about what he’s seeing in his city and what he’s hearing from ministry colleagues. They also revisit Mark’s book, Dark Clouds, Deep Mercy – rediscovering the power of lament. Mark suggests spending time in Psalm 22 and Lamentations 3 this Holy Week.

In the second half, Carmen talks with George Barna about new research assessing the actual percentage of Americans who not only believe things about God and the Bible but live in ways aligned with those beliefs.  The 2020 American Worldview Inventory reveals the percentage of Americans holding to an authentically integrated Biblical worldview is alarmingly low.



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