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July 31, 2020

Signs of the times | Movies, Emmy’s and Chosen | Are you Christian? How do you know?

Carmen’s opening commentary centers on the content of a Tweet – and an article – and a recommendation by the American Cancer Society – and just how far we’ll go to not call a woman a woman:

Then Carmen talks with Paul Asay from Focus on the Family’s Plugged In. They review a few movies, chat about the upcoming Emmy’s and Chosen – a show that’s getting a second season because of the support of people of faith.

In the second half, Carmen has a conversation that we’ll describe as “meaty.” Words you might have to look up: insalubrious, ontological, and missio dei. And…words we thought we knew but which must be redefined in the conversations of the day: identity, image, discipleship. Carmen’s conversation partner is Josh Laxton and the article they discuss is The Convergence of the Missio Dei and the Imago Dei: A Way to Understand Discipleship.


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