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July 30, 2020

Somerville, Mass polyamory and pansexual characters in this summer’s reading | Sam Collier with A Greater Story

The headlines related to sexuality are many and the confusion in the culture is great. Why is that Because, while God created sex as good and for good, people have perverted God’s good plan for sexuality in myriad ways. Carmen comments on headlines from the ACLU and Planned Parenthood’s calling on the NCAA to boycott Idaho to Facebook’s censorship of The Restored Hope Network to J.K. Rowling’s warning that transgender transitioning minors is a medical scandal about to erupt. And lest you think that’s just happening “over there,” Carmen draws our attention to a bill that passed the California State house and stalled in the state Senate which was designed to utilize tax payer dollars to fund surgeries for teenagers who who want to stop the natural development of their biologically male and female bodies. The law would also have funded the mutilation and amputation of healthy reproductive organs, including breasts and genitalia. Yes, in America and yes, taxpayer funded surgeries on minors is what was under serious consideration. 

Carmen talks with Dr. Peter Kapsner about a headline out of Somerville, Mass. where the city council ruled to allow polyamorous marriage (multiple partners) and a summer reading list from Publisher’s Weekly highlighting pansexual characters in many summer novels.

In the second half, Carmen welcomes Sam Collier to share his story and his book, A Greater Story.


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